The Ultimate Guide for Planning a Disney Vacation

The Ultimate guide for planning a successful Disney Vacation - 50+ Resources


To say that I love all things Disney is an understatement. One of my very favorite vacations was going to Disneyland with my parents and little brother after I graduated, and another favorite was going with my entire family when I was only about five years old. No matter how old I get, just the thought of all things Disney gets my giddy.


Jack has recently started loving Disney movies, and I admit, I don’t mind watching them over, and over, and over, again. The music, the heartwarming stories…it all gets me. I don’t think you’re ever too old to outgrow Disney.

Even though we aren’t currently in a position where we can go to to Disneyland or Disneyworld, nor do I think Jack’s really old enough to truly enjoy it, I find myself pinning all sorts of “Guides to Disneyland/World” on Pinterest. I even thought about creating one myself, but I don’t think I quite have the extensive knowledge required for one of those (Disney is serious business!) So I thought I would gather together all those resources and put them here, so when you go to plan your dream Disney vacation, you have all the information you need in one place.


I should note; many of these sites are dedicated to Disney vacations, so be sure to look at them for awhile when you check out these links!

Disney With Kids

Fun for Under 40″ and Other ‘Fraidy Cats – This is a guide I wrote after our recent (2016) trip to Disneyland!

Unofficial Disneyland Autograph and Activity Book – this is a must-have for anyone with children! My good friend, Danielle, worked tirelessly on creating this activity book, and it is sure to make your Disney vacation a little more magical.

Preschoolears – this site is ALL about traveling to Disney locations with young children; it talks about Disneyland, Disney World, and has a lot of great ideas.

Secrets and Practical Advice for a Perfect Disney World Vacation with Kids by Making Lemonade Blog

“Thanks, Mickey!” Teaching Gratitude at Disneyland

Exploring the Magic Kingdom with Toddlers by Mama Cheaps

Avoiding Tantrums at Disney Parks

Staying Safe at Walt Disney World

Tips for Bringing an Infant to Disney World by Touring Plans

Disney World with an Infant by Magical Kingdoms

A Guide to Walt Disney World with Toddlers by Mom Endeavors

Disney Height Requirement Calculator

Disney in Diapers by Home is Where the Mouse Is

Disney World Resort with Toddlers by Off to Neverland

Tips for Avoiding the Infamous Cranky Toddler at Disney by Capturing Magical Moments

Disney  Youth Education Program by Smitten By

Character Locator

Saving Money

The Ultimate Guide to Disney on a Budget by Clarks Condensed

16 Things You NEED To Buy Before a Disney Vacation by Clarks Condensed

Thrifty Disney Tips by Mother’s Niche

Advice for Being Frugal in Disney World by Letters to Elijah

Disney World Debt Free by Small World Ninja

Getting Kids to Stick to a Budget at Disney by Disney’s Cheapskate Princess

How to get Cheap Tickets to Disney by Couponing to Disney

Packing Advice

What to Wear to Disney by DisneyTouristBlog.com

My 7-item Disney Survival Kit


Disney World {Favorite Foods & Shadow Box} by Love to Be in the Kitchen

Allergy Free Mouse — If you or your child has allergies, this site is a must-have resource before going to Disney World!

Tipping at Disney World

The Best Disney World Counter Service Restaurants by the Disney Food Blog

Popular Disney Restaurants (and alternatives when they are full) by the Disney Food Blog

Introducing Kids to Fancy Eating Etiquette by the Disney Food Blog

13 Questions and Answers about Bringing Food into the Park by the Disney Food Blog

Dinning with Picky Eaters at Disney by the Disney Food Blog

Making the Most of your Disney Dining Experience by My Favorite Finds


Disney World Tips, Planning, and Money Saving Advice by All Things With Purpose

Tips for When to Plan Your Trip by Disney Blogging Mama

Walt Disney World Insiders

Disney Travel Planning Series by Preschoolears

Everything I Know About Traveling to Disneyland (series) by My Beautiful Mess

15 Things to Definitely Pack for Disney by Su Soutter

Planning a Disney World Christmas by Mice Chat

Disney World: Your First Night by Enchanted Beginnings

Holidays at Disney by Smitten By


20 Unique Disney World Souvenirs  by WDW Prep School

Disney Code of Conduct by All Ears

Advice for Disney Newbies by Heidi Strawser

Power of Moms Disney Guide

Summer Disney Vacation Tips (by an actual cast member) by Ally Jean

Contrarian Advice for Visiting Disneyland by Delicious Baby

Walt Disney World Parks: What You Need to Know by It’s All Good in Mommyhood

A Guide to Walt Disney World Pool Hopping by Disney’s Cheapskate Princess

Rainy Day Advice at Walt Disney World by Tips from the Disney Diva

10 Terrific Disney World Travel Tips from Facebook by Southern Living

Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Tips by Chic Family Travels

Five Ways to Ruin your Disney Vacation by My Dreams of Disney

The Most Magical Place on Earth tips by Katie Hedge

Advice for First-time Visitors to Disney by Focused on the Magic

My Top Five Pieces of Advice for First Time Visitors to Disney by USA Today

Disney World Advice for First-Timers by Tanya Dennis

8 Ways to Have the Best Disney Vacation Ever by Smitten By


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  1. Wow! I’m definitely checking these out for my next DIsney vacation. It’s been a while for us so we’re due to go on another one!

  2. Thank you for listing us under your food resource section. It is an honor to be included with such great websites and blogs! We’ve added you to our website planning resources.

    Liz from AllergyFreeMouse,com

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