5 Stores That Sell Loungefly Backpacks

Are you looking for the perfect Loungefly Backpack for your upcoming Disney trip? You’re in the right place! In this post, we share five stores that sell Loungfly backpacks.

What better compliment to your outfit could there be than a backpack or wallet-themed after your favorite character or ride? That’s exactly what Loungefly has set out to do.

sequined minnie loungefly backpack

Loungefly backpacks are perfect for Disney vacations. They have such a fun variety of backpacks – whether you are looking for one for a child or yourself, there is one that is certain to be perfect for you.

What stores sell Loungefly?

Loungefly retailers can be found in the Disney Parks, online, and in stores across the United States.

Inside Disney Parks

You can almost always find a nice variety of Loungefly at gift shops that are within the Disney Parks. You never know what limited edition bags will be available and which store will carry them, so make sure you sneak a peek whenever you see a store.

Outside the Park

If you are looking to physically pick out your Loungefly backpack outside the parks, you have a variety of choices:

All of these stores are fairly well-known and can be found in many malls across the country.

Loungefly themes it products after popular franchises, television shows and movies, characters, or theme park rides. The most popular franchises Loungefly themes their products after are Disney, Marvel, and Star Wars, amongst many others.


At any given time, there can be different characters or themes displayed on the backpacks available in stores. For more variety, you can check online stores such as:

Honestly, I feel like Amazon.com has the largest variety of Loungefly Backpacks, so make sure you check out their selection!

How Much Do Loungefly Backpacks cost?

This can vary depending on how limited edition the backpack is, the size, and the style. However, you’ll be looking between $70 and $85 to get one of these backpacks. It’s definitely an investment!

I have seen some as low as $50, so keep your eyes peeled!

Best Loungefly Backpacks

Honestly, you really can’t go wrong with ANY Loungefly Backpack – but there are definitely some different styles available. Styles can change at any time and depend on the store, but here are a few of our very favorites available right now:

Mickey Mouse Oh Boy Quilted Backpack

Mickey and Minnie Backpack

Peter Pan Second Start Glow Mini Backpack

Disney100 Special Moments Backpack

Dumbo 80th Anniversary Backpack

Holographic Sequin Mini Backpack

Mini Mouse Sprinkle Cupcake Backpack

Villian’s Club Mini Backpack

Peter Pan Clock – Glow in the Dark

Alice in Wonderland Floral

Mini Mouse Head Backpack

Beauty and Beast Dancing

Mandalorian Chibi Holidays Backpack

Lion King Friends Backpack

What to Put in Your Loungefly

Loungefly backpacks are the perfect size to carry your phone, wallet, keys, some makeup or snacks – the essentials.

popular loungefly backpacks

What else does Loungefly sell?

loungefly backpacks at disney

While backpacks and wallets are Loungefly’s most popular products, they also sell lanyards, Minnie ear headbands, bags, fanny packs, wristlets, and more.

Traditionally, Loungefly backpacks are paired with Disney bounding outfits, to complete the look and give people hints as to what the bound is based on.

Whether they are being used to compliment your outfit or bring a little more magic to your visit to the Happiest Place on Earth, Loungefly backpacks are a perfect choice.

disney loungefly backpacks

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