Where Can You Buy Rain Ponchos at Disney World? Your Complete Guide

Looking for a rain poncho in Disney World? While they are going to cost you more than purchasing them elsewhere, here are a few places where you can find ponchos in Disney World – and what you can expect to pay.

Tel Aviv, Israel, Pedestrian tourists caught in heavy rain at the Carmel market wearing ponchos.

We all know that the weather in Florida can be unpredictable at times. Chances are, there WILL be rain in the forecast – and if you forgot your ponchos at home, you might find yourself scrambling to find one in desperation.

Fortunately, rain ponchos can be purchased in the parks and at resorts. While we recommend checking out our guide to the best rain ponchos for Disney World and purchasing them before we go – we know how easy it is to forget items like this! Here are some of the locations you can look for rain ponchos at.

Resort Gift Shops

You can most certainly find ponchos available at all the resort gift shops (unless they are out of stock).

We stayed at the Pop Century resort, and they kept them behind the counter. I suspect they are items that might be shoplifted easily, so it makes sense for them to be there. They sold adult and child-sized ponchos – adorned with Mickey Mouse.

Park Gift Shops

Pretty much any gift shop in the Disney World Parks are going to have ponchos (unless, again, they have run out).

If you are having trouble finding a gift shop, just open the Disney World app and search “poncho” and you should be able to find a location near you that typically has them in stock.

You can also go to the Disney Parks website and search for ponchos or gift shops there.

How much do Disney World ponchos cost?

As with everything at Disney World, you are going to pay a premium price for the ponchos. While the prices may vary depending on where you buy them and time of year, they are usually between $9-12.

Keep in mind that even if they cost you a pretty penny, they are reusable and high-quality, so you know you’ll be able to use them over and over again.

Find them Offsite

If you aren’t in a rush to get a poncho but you arrived on your trip without one, one of the best things you could do is just head over to a local Walmart or Target. They almost always have ponchos in stock, and there are some locations. The Dollar Tree might also have some in stock, but because they are so inexpensive, they tend to be grabbed up quickly.

You might want to consider buying multiples of them and keep them in your car and/or large bag, so it’s easy for other members of your group to grab one too without having to look around the house or hotel room for theirs.

Keep in mind that if it’s raining, you might have a hard time finding them. Make an effort to pick some up BEFORE the rain begins!

Have fun and stay dry! And please share your experiences with buying Disney World ponchos with us in the comments below.

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