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The Top 6 Best Baby Carriers for Disney World

With so many different options available, it can be difficult to know the best baby carrier for Disney World is right for you and your child. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We’ll discuss the benefits of wearing your baby during your Disney trip, as well as some of the best carriers on the market. So whether you’re a first-time parent or an experienced pro, read on for all the info you need to make the perfect choice for your little one!

babywearing at Disney World

How will you keep the baby happy while still enjoying all of the attractions? What if there was a way to carry your child safely without having to lug around a stroller.

We’ve put together this guide of the 6 best carriers for Walt Disney World so that you can enjoy the rides without having to worry about lugging around an unhappy child who’s too tired to enjoy it all. They are all certain to be a comfortable carrier for newborns, older babies, and even toddlers.

Ergobaby Omni 360

We are big fans of the Ergobaby carrier in our house – we have an Ergobaby Adapt that we’ve taken with us on all our Disney trips. The Ergobaby Omni 360 is one of their top-rated carriers, and it’s our top recommendation.

Ergobaby 360 All-Position Baby Carrier with Lumbar Support (12-45 Pounds), Carbon Grey, Cool Air Mesh
  • Explore with baby: For curious, developing baby who starts exploring beyond her caregiver to see the world (12-45 lbs./ 5.5-20 kg)
  • All Carry Position: Inward, Front Outward, Hip & Back Carry
  • Cool and breathable: Cooler for you and baby with soft, lightweight & durable mesh
  • Comfort: Padded lumbar back support and shoulder straps
  • Premium Features: UPF baby hood for sun protection and privacy for easy breastfeeding: Machine Washable


The Omni 360 is a multiple-position carrier, making it suitable for infants and toddlers alike.

Adjustable from both the top and bottom, this carrier will ensure that your child can be worn in a comfortable position no matter what stage they are at! It offers an ergonomic design, making it a great choice for babies.

In addition to the adjustable ‘instructions’, there are also four different ways to carry your child.

The Ergobaby Omni 360 is considered to be one of the most comfortable carriers on the market, with features like a padded waistband and lumbar support. The shoulder straps are particularly comfortable as well.

This carrier can also be used for breastfeeding discreetly. This is not something you’ll find in many other baby carriers!

There’s even sufficient storage space for a diaper bag or purse, and an integrated sun hood for shade.

Why We Love it:

The Omni 360 is suitable for newborns through toddlers, meaning that it will be your go-to carrier all the way from birth to preschool.

This carrier offers maximum comfort and support, whether you are carrying on your front or back.

It is versatile enough to use with four different carry positions including a front inward, hip carry, back carry, and front-outward carry – this is something you won’t find in many other carriers.


List Price: $119

Moby Wrap Baby Carrier

The Moby Wrap is often referred to as the ‘original baby wrap’, and it’s still one of the best carriers on the market.

Moby Classic Baby Carrier Wrap - For Newborns, Infants & Toddlers - Babywearing Wrap for Breastfeeding & Keeping Baby Close On-The-Go
  • BABY WRAP THAT PROMOTES BONDING: Baby-wearing nurtures a powerful bond that can lead to calm, happy babies, while helping to reduce stress, colic, and even encourage breastfeeding. Less bulky material and padding allows you to keep baby uniquely close, warm, and secure.
  • COMFORTABLE BABY CARRIER WRAP: A parent-favorite for its comfort, style and adaptability, the MOBY Wrap Baby Carrier is made from soft, stretchable and durable fabric that evenly distributes the weight of carrying baby across the back, shoulders, and hips.
  • VERSATILE: Measuring 18ft, this wrap for baby grows with your little one, supporting preemie babies - 35lbs in several carrying styles: facing you or out, sideways, or on your back - all while you stay hands-free! Can also be used as a blanket or pillow when not in use.
  • BABYWEARING MADE SIMPLE: This baby carrying wrap is great for parents on the go-a hands free baby carrying experience.
  • EASY TO USE: This wrap baby carrier comes with an easy to follow instructional guide for all types of holds: Newborn Hug, Hug Hold, Hip Hold, Kangaroo Hold, Pregnancy Sling, & more. Even consult with a baby wearing expert with Moby’s “Let us Help You” program via their website


This carrier is perfect for newborns and babies up to 35 lbs. (16 kg). The fabric is stretchy and supportive and will ensure your child feels safe and secure at all times.

The Moby Wrap is very versatile, and it allows you to carry your baby in several different positions.

You can use it with the traditional front inward position, but also with both back carry positions (back inward and back outward).

Another unique feature of this carrier that you won’t find in many other baby carriers is the ability to breastfeed discreetly.

Moby has actually done a collaboration with Disney, and they have some super cute Disney-themed wraps – you check them out here.

Why We Love it:

The Moby Wrap is suitable for newborns through carrying up to 35 lbs / 16 kg, making it a great investment if you’re planning on having more than one child. It’s also perfect for moms who are breastfeeding but still want the ease of babywearing!

The versatility of this baby wrap means that it is suitable from birth for around 9 months, as your baby can be carried both on the front and back.

It is simple to put on and take off and requires no special skills – making it a great carrier option for those who may not have much experience with babywearing.


Between $44.99

Boba Wrap Baby Carrier

The Boba Wrap is another great baby carrier for Disney World. It’s not as versatile as the Moby, but it’s still a great option.


The wrap used in this carrier is stretchy and supportive, making this an excellent choice if you are looking for something that will feel secure around your little one.

Like many other baby carriers, this carrier is designed to help you carry your child discreetly for breastfeeding.

The Boba Wrap can be used with three different carry positions, making it suitable for babies small through to toddlers, with the minimum weight being as low as 7 lbs and the maximum 45 lbs.

Why We Love it:

We love that this baby carrier is suitable from birth (with the use of additional head support) through to three years old!

It is comfortable and supportive, meaning that you won’t suffer sore shoulders or back after wearing your baby for extended periods.


List Price: $49.99

Lillebaby Complete All Seasons Baby

The Complete All Seasons is LÍLLÉbaby’s baby carrier for bigger toddlers and preschoolers, and it’s one of our best baby carriers for Disney World.

LÍLLÉbaby Complete All Seasons Ergonomic 6-in-1 Baby Carrier Newborn to Toddler - with Lumbar Support - for Children 7-45 Pounds - 360 Degree Baby Wearing - Inward & Outward Facing - Salt and Pepper
  • Six Positions: The LÍLLÉbaby Complete baby carrier features 6 ergonomic carry styles for 360-degree babywearing including front, backpack and hip styles.
  • Ready for All Seasons: Zip down front panel reveals breathable mesh for extra airflow on warm days.
  • Newborn to Toddler: Transformational carrier seat can be folded small for newborns and infants and expanded to a wider setting as your child grows.
  • Convenient Features: Use front panel as an extra-large pocket, includes removable sun hood and two-way adjustable straps, and adjustable head support; machine washable.
  • One Size Fits All: Waist extends to 52 inches (women’s size 22/24). Extenders sold separately for up to a 61.5 inch waist.


Suitable from birth through to 36 months (3 years) or 45 lbs., this baby carrier is ideal if you want something that will last a long time.

There are six different positions that can be used with this carrier, making it suitable for a range of activities including front inward, hip carry, back carry as well as front outward-facing. If you’re going to Disney World and will need to wear your child for extended periods of time, the Complete All Seasons is a great option as it is very supportive and ergonomically designed to ensure that you and your child are comfortable. The adjustable straps are particularly helpful.

This baby carrier has soft and breathable fabrics, making it a great option for hot Disney World days. It also has reflective details so you can keep your little one safe at all times.

Why We Love it:

We love the versatility of this baby carrier. It can be used with a range of different carry positions and it’s suitable from birth to preschool.

The six-position design and the high back design give you great support and reduce strain on your shoulders, which is particularly helpful for extended periods of wearing.

The breathable fabrics also mean that this would be a good option if you are planning to do a lot of walking, as well as in a warmer climate like Orlando is.


List Price: $119.99

Infantino Flip 4-in-1 Light & Airy Convertible Carrier

The Flip 4-in-1 is another excellent baby carrier for Disney World. It’s super easy to use, and comfortable for both you and your little one. It is one of the least expensive carriers on our list, but it doesn’t lack in quality – it has over 43,000 reviews on Amazon, most of which are 5-star.

Infantino Flip 4-in-1 Light & Airy Convertible Carrier - Breathable, 4 Positions, Lumbar Support
  • 4 ways to carry: facing-in folded seat, facing-in expanded seat, facing-out, back carry
  • Material benefit: breathemesh fabric for full airflow so you and baby stay feeling cool and comfortable
  • Designed for comfort: extra-padded breathable shoulder straps for you and head support for your baby so you both can enjoy babywearing in comfort
  • Supportive fit: Adjustable waist belt that offers a just right fit with lumbar support
  • Because we care: natural ergonomic 'M" Seat position supports baby in proper position


We love that this carrier can be used from birth (with the additional head support) through to the toddler years (45 lbs.). That makes it a really great value-for-money baby carrier.

It is also suitable to use on the front, on your back, and on the hip, making it really versatile. For example, you can use it on your front when breastfeeding or soothe a fussy baby, while still getting some work done by wearing them on your back while opening doors or chasing after your toddler.

This carrier has a breathable mesh fabric, making it great for hot days at Disney World. It also comes with an infant insert if your little one is not yet big enough for the carrier without the additional support.

Why We Love it:

We love that this baby carrier can be used with infants right up to preschoolers. That makes it a fantastic value-for-money baby carrier.

It’s also easy to use, comfortable for parents and babies, and lightweight so you won’t feel weighed down when wearing your little one in the hot Disney World sun.


List Price is $39.99

Tula Baby Carrier Coast Explore

If you’re going to Disney World and would like a carrier that is suitable for use from birth, the Tula Coast Explore baby carrier is another great option.

Baby Tula Free-to-Grow Coast Mesh Baby Carrier, Adjustable Newborn to Toddler Carrier, Ergonomic and Multiple Positions for 7 – 45 pounds (Urbanista)
  • Large mesh panel within the 100% cotton frame provides extra ventilation
  • Adjusts in width and height to allow for an ergonomic snug position from newborn, infant and early toddlerhood
  • Adjustable padded shoulder straps provide optimal neck & shoulder comfort
  • Back carry and front carry options to provide a natural, ergonomic position best for long term, comfortable carrying
  • Multiple adjustment capabilities to find your perfect fit as baby grows.


This is an all-in-one baby carrier which means you don’t need to purchase any additional pieces as it has everything you need in one carrier. The Tula Coast Explore baby carrier can be used from birth (with the purchase of a separate newborn insert) through to 3 years old or 45 lbs.

It has multiple ergonomic, front, and back carrying positions that will ensure that you and your baby are comfortable at all times. If your little one needs a nap while out and about, you can also use the carrier to support them in a semi-reclined position.

Why We Love it:

We love that this baby carrier is suitable for newborns through to preschoolers, making it an excellent value for money option. It’s so versatile and ideal if you want one carrier that does everything!

It also has an ultra-soft and breathable mesh lining to make sure you and your little one stay cool when the weather heats up. The head support is also removable, meaning that it can also be used once your baby has outgrown wearing them in an upright position (which is typically at around 6 months).


List Price: $159

Should you use a baby carrier or stroller at Disney World?

mom with sons at Disney World

In our experience, if you have a younger baby between 0-6 months old, we recommend using a carrier instead of a stroller. This is because it can be challenging to push a stroller in Disney World’s crowded walkways and queues.

You also run the risk of your little one falling asleep when in the stroller and then waking up when you put them down to change their position, or worse – waking up and being upset because they are in an unfamiliar environment. This can be very stressful for both you and your baby!

You may also want to consider using a carrier even if your little one is older than 6 months old. Carrying them through the parks will help keep them from getting tired and cranky from being in a stroller for too long.

If you have an older child who is capable of walking or riding a scooter at Disney World, you can still bring a carrier along to use in the queues when necessary.

A carrier will definitely come in handy if your child gets tired while walking around Magic Kingdom or Animal Kingdom. This is because you can hop in a carrier with your little one while your older child continues walking for another 20 minutes or so before wanting to be carried themselves!

Can you wear your baby at Disney World?

If you want to wear your baby while visiting Disney World, then you’re in luck. You can wear them at all the parks. There are no rules against wearing a baby in the parks, hooray!

Can you wear a baby on rides at Disney World

parents with baby on dumbo ride

There are many rides that you can wear a baby on at Disney World – slower moving ones, such as it’s a small world and the Jungle Cruise, are especially carrier-friendly. However, sometimes a cast member may request that you remove them on rides that are jerkier.

The Best Type of Carrier for Disney World

There are many different types of carriers available on the market today. And while some may be suitable for wearing at Disney World, others definitely are not!

We think that the best types of carriers are either wrap carriers (especially for smaller babies) and soft structured carriers. I like the soft-sided carriers due to them having a little bit extra support. Backpack carriers, like ones you might take hiking, can be a bit more cumbersome.

We would also not recommend using a ring sling wrap, either. While they are wonderful for newborns, they can prove a bit difficult to use once your baby gets bigger. Woven wraps might be a bit warm for

Pros of Babywearing at Disney World

drink a smoothie and wearing baby at disney world

There are many benefits of wearing your baby at Disney World. Here are some of the main ones:

  • You can take weight off your feet and arms by wearing them in a carrier – especially with heavy toddlers that want to be held. This is great if you have small children who tire easily, or for those times when you want to take a rest but don’t want to put your child in a stroller.
  • You can have both hands free to do things like push a stroller, hold an older child’s hand and take photos on your phone/camera. Plus this allows you to fully participate in the fun activities throughout the parks!
  • Babies who are worn cry less – and it’s always a good idea to limit crying as much as possible!
  • Some children may have an easier time having nap time on the go, rather than having to run back to the hotel room. This is great because you can then avoid the trouble of finding a place for them to sleep, or having them sit in a stroller while everyone else does rides.
  • Having your baby in a carrier can make long days during a Disney vacation with a young child a little bit easier.
  • If you are taking taking advantage of Disney transportation, it can be simpler to have your baby in a carrier rather than a stroller that you have to fold up

Cons of Babywearing at Disney World

dad wearing baby at disney world

There are a few downsides to babywearing at Disney World. Here is what you need to keep in mind:

  • You will have an added expense as you’ll likely need to purchase a carrier if you don’t already own one. However, there is really no way around this since carriers can be expensive and you can’t carry a child around for an entire day without one!
  • You need to make sure that your carrier is comfortable. If you are not used to wearing it, do some trial runs at home before you go to the parks so you’ll know how it feels and if it’s something that will wear you out during a whole day of walking around.
  • You need to make sure that your carrier is safe and secure before attaching the baby to you. Never try wearing a carrier for the first time with your baby in it while at Disney World! And never use an older model carrier, no matter how much you may love it.
  • If you wear your baby and they fall asleep, it can be harder to leave them with someone else while you go on a ride. If they are asleep in a stroller, this will be easier.
  • You don’t have an easy place to put your child’s sippy cup like you would with a stroller

If you’re heading to Disney World with your little one, don’t leave home without one of these best baby carriers for Disney World!

All of our top picks are great options that will make sure that your child is comfortable and you are supported during those long walks at the Happiest Place on earth.

baby carriers at disney world

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