5 Major Ways Smart Walt Disney World Planning Pays Off

Planning is necessary when it comes to Walt Disney World in order to have flexibility. Here are five major ways Walt Disney World planning before you go on your trip pays off.

Some people are natural planners. They love planning their vacations, sticking to a schedule and being prepared. Other people resist the idea of planning a vacation at all costs.

They don’t want a schedule to dictate what they do. They want to be free to be spontaneous. Ironically it’s the desire for these freedoms that are why planning is necessary when it comes to Walt Disney World.

Trust me – being someone who has gone on Disney trips where I barely planned it a few weeks before versus planning months ahead…it’s worth it to be prepared.

Here are five scenarios where you will be grateful you planned ahead of time!

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Eat Where You Want

Imagine you are hungry in the parks and you decide to find a place to eat. The counter service restaurants nearby look busy, so you go to the closest table service restaurant. Unfortunately the tables are al reserved, so you have to go somewhere else.

You don’t have to wander around the parks hungry in the middle of the day. When you plan your days, you structure them around your reservations, so that you have a table, and know where to be as lunchtime approaches.

At Disney World, you can book your dining 60 days ahead of time. While you can usually find somewhere to eat in the park, it can be disappointing to discover that restaurant you’ve been dying to try has no openings at all.

It’s really easy to book your dining through the My Disney Experience App or through the Walt Disney World Website.

Get on More Attractions

Imagine you get to the park late in the morning, because you don’t know the park hours, and you decide you have to ride Peter Pan’s Flight – only when you get there the line is 90 minutes long!

You don’t have to deal with long wait times when you plan your trip using Fastpass+. Shorter wait times for schedules attractions means you can experience more attractions in one day.

Fastpass+ attractions can be booked months ahead of time – and we definitely recommend doing that, especially for the more popular times. There are a lot of great articles out there that share tips on how to make the most of your Fastpass, so I would definitely consider looking at one of those. You have a limited amount of Fastpasses available – you want to make the most of them!

Have Extra Time

When you plan your Walt Disney World vacation, you will notice extra magic hours for a select park each day throughout the week. Planning lets you take advantage of the opportunity for extra time. It also helps you save time in the parks, by mapping out an efficient route.

Disney World planning also saves time when it comes to park-hopping and knowing when and where and how to hop. For example, Magic Kingdom to Epcot via monorail, or Epcot to Hollywood Studios via Skyliner.

Experience Extras

There are a ton of things to do at Walt Disney World that you would never know about if you didn’t plan. some of them are very pricey and luxurious, but others are affordable and fun.

Some experiences at Walt Disney World are even free! By taking the time to do your Disney World planning right, you can find activities like Archery Lessons at Fort Wilderness, Surfing Lessons at Typhoon Lagoon, or free Drawing Lessons at Art of Animation. There are also countless guided tours, scavenger hunts and recreational activities that you only find by researching to make your Disney plans.

Of course, it can be fun to just show up at the park and let the wind take you where it is, but I find a lot of people miss out on some of the extra magic of Disney World by not learning about some of the secret fun that it beholds.

Be Prepared

Lastly, it is so important to be prepared, but you can’t be prepared if you don’t plan. Do you know what the weather is going to be like in Orlando during your Walt Disney World vacation? Don’t get caught in the rain without a poncho and make sure you bring proper attire. Wear comfortable walking shoes that you break in before the trip and have a backpack with essentials that you can take into the parks.

Let me tell you – I made the mistake of not being prepared for the crazy Orlando weather, and I ended up wearing shoes that did not make it through a rainstorm. Make sure you prepare for any type of weather!

Are you a planner or do you just like to show up at the park? I’d love to hear what you prefer!

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