Our Disney Genie+ Strategy: How to Get the Most Rides

Is your family planning a trip to Disney World? If so, you’ll want to take advantage of the Disney Genie+ system. This system allows you to reserve priority access to some of the most popular rides at Disney World. Here’s how to make the most of it.

disney genie+ strategy

When I first heard about the release of Disney Genie, I was cautiously optimistic.

I went to Disney World last year for the first time, and ar the time, FastPlus+ was suspended.

I’ve been more of a Disneyland girl, so I’m pretty family with their FastPass and MaxPass systems – and the value that comes with them (especially for someone like me who doesn’t enjoy being in lines).

So when I learned that the Disney Genie+ Sysmte would be available during our trip this year, I was excited to use it.

This post isn’t a review of it – I’ll try and do that soon – but I did discover quickly that you need a strategy. We almost completely wasted our first day with the Genie+ because of the first ride choice I picked – and we didn’t get on some of the rides we’d hoped to do.

Honestly, this strategy might be just common sense for most of you, but for those who are feeling a little overwhelmed at how to make this pass work, I think it should be helpful.

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Step One:

The morning of your trip, if you haven’t previously purchased Genie+, wake up at 6:30 and purchase the Genie+ upgrade

Open your app at 6:57 AM and navigate to the tip board for Disney Genie+. Start pulling down on the screen to refresh over and over again until you see that the options are available.

As quickly as you can, find your first ride of the day. I strongly recommend picking a ride that tends to have longer waits and higher demand. These rides will fill up quickly, and if you aren’t fast enough, you’ll find yourself looking at a 4:30 call-back time. And you don’t want your first pick of the day to be midday.

If you got on right at seven, you’ll probably have a pretty early call-back time. Make note of the time.

Step Two:

Check and see when it says you can pick your next ride. It will likely be during your first ride window.

Step Three:

If your ride timelines up with your pick time, wait until your pick time approaches. At that time, pick the next ride! With this, I would pick a ride that is in higher demand and has a wait time later in the day.

Step Four:

Right after you pick the ride, go into your first ride and scan your band. After you’ve scanned your band at both check points, go into your tip board. Because you redeemed another ride, even though you have another ride booked, it will now allow you to choose another ride!

So now, choose another ride – you could pick one that is later in the day or one that’s a little closer if there’s one you want. It’s up to you!


You might have chosen Smugglers Run and got a time for 9:15-10:15. Let’s say you can pick your next ride at 9:34

Go over to the ride around 9:30. But don’t get in the line! Wait until your clock is 9:34 – at this point, go into the app and pick another high value ride such as Slinky Dog Run. These rides go quickly, and this is the ideal time to pick a ride that might have a time later in the day.

Your call-back time for that ride is 4:30 PM. It says you can’t pick another ride for hours. Sad! But don’t worry, now you can go on your first ride, and when you scan in, you now see that you can pick another ride!

You pick a ride that has availability at 10:30, and you are able to go on it pretty quickly and pick another ride.

I hope that this makes sense and helps you get the most out of your Disney Genie+ experience. I would LOVE to hear your Disney Genie+ strategy!

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